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The 6 mile round-trip and straightforward route makes this one a great first winter 14er. Trail events will take place on trails near BV. -sOutputFile=?

Pace yourself on the approach, you’ll use most of your energy in the last mile or two of the climb. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Over the past decade there has been a recent uptick in accidents and sadly fatal incidences on Colorado’s mountain meccas, the 14ers, but why has this happened? wR�FGq�yS ���W8�'\+�P�lgMԢ{�d5kq6����ǰ?8�ށ$�'�a&��PZi��T���[��c���D��O40���Xs̵�e��fF��� C��1�,�ܝ�7l�}��ϨWV���[tj��U�B�l�(L���k�5�W���k �L����A��O�����=�&����Y�>��4���;V:�9'� fj1@�FP)嗨$����8x�vD����nQŒ�x�M� If you have to bail from the ridge for any reason, you’re bailing into potentially risky area. Grizzly Peak is an intermediate peak you’ll have to climb and it’s a mound of choss. I am a long distance backpacker, triathlete, adventurer, climber, kayaker, and lowly medical student currently living in Norfolk, VA attending Eastern Virginia Medical School and writing about my adventures on my blog 'Because it's there' at www.graysoncobb.com. Today, July 19, the Colorado 14ers Initiative is scheduled to release the latest video in a new series about best practices and safety when climbing the Colorado peaks that exceed 14,000 feet. Friggin hell the wind will get you on this one. For this guide, I didn’t list the easiest 14ers by rank, but instead by category to help you fit the mountain climb that best fits your ability level and personality. CFI’s hiking use projections are based on the combination of several data sources. CFI has long been interested in the amount of hiking use these popular peaks receive. If you’re in for a fun, more advanced variation (albeit not beginner friendly), once you’ve bagged Belford and Oxford, skirt down the southwest face toward Missouri and hit up the north face couloirs for an awesome winter 14ers three-fer. Do you have suggestions on what peak or peaks to hike then camp near summit on in the winter?

I have no firm plans as of yet but I would love to hike the Crestones and Humboldt. Click, 14er Fest’s home base will take place in downtown. Posted in Colorado and tagged 14ers, Colorado, San Juans, Sneffels on May 14, 2019 May 14, 2019 by Jack Brauer. CFI’s most recent hiking use report culminates five seasons of data collection at up to 22 sites tracking use on up to 23 14er peaks across the state. Goal is 12 of Pikes alone in 2019 (going for one a month). July 30, 2018 July 30, 2018. The result is a GIS database containing more than 20,350 data points regarding 10 different factors, from on-the-ground issues such as the extent of erosion and trail widening, to the amount and accessibility of natural rock source needed to improve these wilderness trails. Download the 2019 14er Report Card — PDF Front Range: The five Front Range 14ers closest to Denver (Mounts Bierstadt and Evans, and Grays, Torreys, and Quandary Peaks), which together see about 100,000 annual hiker use days, are projected to take more than $6.3 million to bring to long-term sustainable conditions. %PDF-1.4

2019 Hiking Use Estimates Press Release–08.27.2020. For nearly all of these climbs, I recommend having at minimum microspikes and trekking poles. Sherman would probably be a good one. The summit wind can be a killer on some of those in the winter! Know the route well. The event provides a safe and fun opportunity for locals and visitors to experience Buena Vista in the fall. The route is an easy, albeit steep, bolt to the top of Belford and then a skirt down the ridge and over and up to Oxford. Very cool list! However, the route stays off the ridge making for a much tamer climb than Quandary. Since you’ll be following the Continental divide above 12k the entire route, you need an absolutely perfect day for this climb. I used snowshoes on the road walk but you could potentially do without them. If you become hypothermic and need to bail, your options are limited. That applies to hundreds of our Colorado mountains, especially in winter conditions, which can happen at any time. 14er Fest promotes trail stewardship, education and interaction between trail users. Here are grades for a few representative peaks. Quandary is famous for wind. However, there are highly variable road conditions since it is unplowed. The weather can turn sour quickly on all winter 14ers so, you’ll need to know the route even in a whiteout. 928 Shares.

As with any of these ‘easier’ 14ers, just don’t underestimate it and you’ll be golden. Besides that, La Plata is a beautiful straight forward winter climb.

After that, I got the itch and I knocked out Gray, Torreys, The DeCaLiBron, Belford and Oxford (in 50mph winds) all by the middle of October. Congrats on meeting your goals! 10 point crampons are rarely if ever necessary on most of these routes. Bring snowshoes and a topo map for this one.

Full disclosure, this was a long day. -f ? Bierstadt is another super straightforward climb, albeit with a little more route finding than Quandary and the road is closed and unplowed two miles shy of the summer trailhead. Oh man.

On the approach to the slopes of Democrat the snow can be very deep after fresh snowfall or drifts blown from the mountain, turning this more into a trudge than a hike. Climbing to high-altitude spots around Colorado can be quite dangerous, sometimes resulting in death. I managed to avoid any summer hiking in the sawatch, so it was a good year. My dog is at 24, Sneffels, Humboldt, Cap, Longs excluded. They’ll all have potential for being brutal. Same as above, commercialization of the peak. This is a beautiful climb. Is it a bad idea as this for my first 14er at the end of January? 5 0 obj For the normal winter route, it’s an 11 mile round trip and only an hour and a half drive from Denver. Despite being relatively low grade terrain, I still highly recommend being in good shape for all of these climbs, but especially Elbert. The trail is ambiguous under the snowpack at times and you could end up off route postholing and making your day a lot harder than it needs to be. No avy risk on ridgelines. In 2018 I had 17 successful summits on 14 peaks, which puts me up to 26/53. This model incorporates the week of the season, day of the week, holidays, and similar peaks with data to fill in missing data. If you’re just looking for one peak, Democrat stands out with an only 8 mile out and back. Snow-free trails in 2018 due to drought contrasted with lingering snowpack and avalanche debris in 2019. Look for new and updated information soon. Trail counter used by the US Forest Service on Mount Bierstadt before it was stolen mid season.

We did grays peak in 2018.

What are the conditions of the planned 14er summit and approach trails built since CFI’s inception in 1994 that reflect an investment of many millions of dollars, as well as those of the many unplanned 14er trails that hikers have literally trampled into the high-altitude tundra? With a year-round road all the way to the top and heavy hiker traffic year round, this is a reasonably safe winter 14er.
The easiest 14ers in Colorado still demand the respect of an extra-tough hike, so be sure to be prepared before you set out. I’m alright with some sacrificial mountains to allow the non-hikers the ability to explore the backcountry but just don’t expect a mountaineering experience from this one. Park at the winter trailhead and don’t be like me a try to be a hero and attempt to get past that.

Capitol was the Apex of my climbing this year. The primary exception was the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon held in August. Take it from me, when the plowing stops, just start hiking.
Route finding above treeline on this one is a bitch and avy danger lurks all around but is easy to avoid if you know what you’re doing. Don’t underestimate this route though, it’s full on sketch. Edit: I’m belting out the Sawatch this year, see you around! The main route follows below some slide areas so have some experience with reading the mountain and check conditions before trying this winter 14er. The views are underwhelming and the traffic speeding by you makes you feel like you’re the biggest idiot in the world for not sticking your thumb out and hitching to the top. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited. The road is relatively heavily travelled packed snow to the trailhead, but my subaru outback had no trouble. 9 months ago. (Lyn Alweis, Denver Post file) It’s a long day. Climbing all three of the Wilson group 14ers has seemed like a good idea for a long time. CFI uses a multi-factor modeling program to predict hiking use levels when we do not have a counter on a given peak or when there are data gaps. But the descent down its backside can be an alright glissade to save some energy. Colorado Fourteeners Initiative has been studying hiking use on Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks – the 14ers – using infrared trail counters since 2014.

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