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It could be a safety issue or just an inconvenience, but let us know about it. This is a really fun hike with waterfalls! Once you have installed this (free) app on your device, you can import the FLTC PDF map into the application. When you zoom in on a trail section, trailheads, notices, and important infrastructure such as lean-tos are also shown. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from April until November. View on Map Buttermilk Creek drops 600 feet as it plunges through a gorge down the eastern slope of the Cayuga Valley at the southernmost edge of the City of Ithaca. Current members of the Finger Lakes Trail are entitled to discounts on maps, stickers, and patches for sale on this website. We especially loved hemlock pond! For all map changes, we post a Map Revision Notice on the Trail Condition Notices page on the website. Buttermilk Falls is a 5.5 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Brandenburg, Kentucky that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. With extra time, you may explore paths up and down the riverbank for views of the calmer water above and below Buttermilk Falls. and recommended bypass routes are depicted as shown at right.

Tracks labeled “Non-FLT” show approximate location only and may not represent the location of the trail on the ground. Camping: lean-tos, bivouacs, public and private campgrounds. See. Paved or gravel on the entire main trail...out and back. Very few people have hiked to all the drops in the summer. Following the trail to the southern end of Treman Lake, the spur will meet the Treman Lake Trail. Direction of travel if important in observing the problem (such as blazing). In addition to GPS data, the downloadable files contain PDF images of the paper maps. The interactive maps may not display correctly with Internet Explorer. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from April until November. Before ordering the digital download map files, try downloading this sample GPX file, M09.gpx (our map M9), to ensure that it is compatible with your hardware and software. Can’t wait to start hiking more after seeing this trail. Click on the main trail and branch tracks to display an, On the Interactive Map hover over the FLT icons (, On the Trail Condition Notices with the sorting option set to “Map,” click on the map name to jump to the trail notices. But hemlock pond & crater lake is fantastic relaxing. Pages shows hiking maps… For use on your smartphone, you’ll need to install the Avenza App. Thanks for your feedback. The foliage was extraordinary during this time of year. Visit the Trail Condition Reporting page for more information. Check out my activity on AllTrails. Projects are usually one day or less. If you do not have e-mail, call the FLT Service Center in Mount Morris at (585)658-9320. Unless you have one of the recent Garmin units that has preloaded topo maps (indicated with a “t” at the end of the model number) you will want to download free topo maps for Garmin GPS units from GPS File Depot or other web sites. We also apply minor updates to our maps as needed, and for these, we do not change the Revision Date.

As a Local Work Crew member you will join other volunteers recruited to work on trail projects that are beyond routine maintenance and the capabilities of the individual trail section adopter/steward. Control the map background using the controls in the upper right corner. During icy conditions the road leading to the trailhead may be closed. You can still keep the PDF files on your device and switch them at any time. Lots of parking available. After a large rain storm (5+ inches of rain), these waterfall drop will give off a buttermilk look from Rt 23a. Click on the center tool to show a small cross-hair in the center of the map. To import an additional map, you must first remove one of the three. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, and mountain biking. All changes to maps—both major revisions and minor updates—are reported as Trail Notices highlighted in pink. Buttermilk Falls is the highest waterfall in New York State, which is 549 feet high. Older Garmin units: 60, 78 (instructions can also be used with Etrex Vista HCx and Etrex Legend HCx with slight modifications). Buttermilk Falls is a 3.4 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Brandenburg, Kentucky that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. Buttermilk Falls is located in the Buttermilk Ravine in the Kaaterskill Clove which is in the Catskill Mountains. Every section of the trail is maintained by stewards and trail adopters who are members of the FLTC and affiliate clubs and organizations. Then, when you are hiking within the boundaries of the map, you can see your location acording to your device’s GPS. Map: Map# 121 of the Kittatinny Trails map set. The FLT is a “primitive footpath.” If you are looking for a smooth, easy “walk in the park” then you might prefer a park for your walking. I was very disappointed with lack of signs.
The colors are probably at peak, so plan a hike soon to enjoy the best foliage display. Click the button in the upper right to view the map in the full window. Just a little under two miles after leaving Robert H. Treman State Park, hikers will find a junction marked with orange blazes leading toward the park along the Buttermilk Park Spur. Take a LEFT onto Rt 32. Buttermilk Creek drops 600 feet as it plunges through a gorge down the eastern slope of the Cayuga Valley at the southernmost edge of the City of Ithaca.

Trail distance: 0.82 miles. Please submit your trail condition reports by e-mail at [email protected]. While Buttermilk Falls State Park deviates from the main Finger Lakes Trail, its beauty and camping amenities are well worth the side trip for thru-hikers and end-to-enders. Buttermilk Falls are the highest waterfall in New York State. 4.1 miles off of the main trail, the Buttermilk Falls State Park Campground offers a variety of amenities to visiting hikers. Considering how difficult it is to hike, it is not surprising that it hasn't been measured before. Be careful of the opening between the rocks on the ledge. Trail locations and conditions may change and not be reflected on this site. Most of the main FLT is depicted in black & white for better visibility on various map backgrounds, but blazed in white on the ground. Purchase the full map by clicking on map image below and selecting map M17. A member coupon code is also provided for clothing and logo merchandise on the third-party website. Buttermilk Falls is off the paved road (I think) and the falls in the pictures is Emmert Falls (take AllTrails oath or it lollipops as well. The following symbols appear on the map (use the Hide/Show Symbols menu in the upper right to control symbol visibility): Trailhead with parking. Click the symbol for more information and for driving directions. Do check it out. Really nice gravel trail with a few hills. Parking Lot : NY-13 S/NY-34 S/NY-96 S/Elmira Rd, 3 miles south of Ithaca (Lower/Main Park Trailhead). Great hike - challenging with nice lake view for lunch if you do the loop.

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