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(Image supplied by Arno Naude) The Snouted Cobra is a dull snake, usually brown or black above with a mottled yellowish belly … The Coral Cobra will spend much of its time underground, only emerging at night to forage for food. The Coral Cobra rarely reaches sizes larger than 75cm, with most adults averaging around 30 – 60cm. Coral Cobras can be housed in a variety of different enclosures. The answer may have something to do with size, and a lot to do with the cobra's venom-resistant superpowers. Although these snakes are small they are still venomous and should not be kept by anyone who is not experienced in keeping venomous snakes. Toxins (Basel). The Cape Cobra is the next most poisonous of the snakes in South Africa. When hiking in the bush it is important that you do not pick up, poke or provoke any snake that you come across, even if it appears to be dead- some snakes such as the Rinkhals play dead, and can strike if disturbed. All Rights Reserved. If you step on a snake or are very close to a Puff adder then move away quickly. Weigh the amount of vermiculite that you are putting in the incubation container and then add the same weight of water. Most snakes will get out of your way and will only strike when they have no escape and are threatened. This means that to keep these snakes in some provinces in S.A you will require a permit. Please enable it to take advantage of the complete set of features! Cut a hole big enough for the female to get in, and place 3cm of slightly damp sphagnum moss in the tub. Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi (Kunene Coral Cobra) from Sesfontein, Namibia. Coral Cobras have neurotoxic venom. They do this with such intent and fierceness it is comical to watch! After the two month cooling period, you can turn the timer off and leave the heat on 24 hours a day. I would recommend housing these snakes individually and only placing them together at mating season. In my opinion, the Coral Cobra is one of South Africa’s most attractive and exciting snakes; and as a snake keeper who is keen on venomous snakes, this species is hard to beat. I have kept mine in large desert dens that measure 45cm x 30cm x 15cm, using newspaper as a substrate, You may use newspaper, sand, or sawdust as a substrate; whichever you prefer, Make sure you have heating on one end of the enclosure; the heat is best provided using a heating pad which is placed underneath one end of the cage.  |  Photo by Johan Marais. COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. HHS Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. Their coloration and markings can vary considerably. Epub 2009 May 12. An incubation box consists of a plastic container with a few small holes in its lid. Once the female has laid her eggs they can then be removed from the egg laying box and placed into and incubation box. If the snake rears up like a cobra and flattens its neck to form a hood then it is aggressive and is likely to strike and you need to act with caution. Half-bury the eggs in this damp vermiculite and place them in an incubator at 29˚C, in about 60 days they will hatch. Half-bury the eggs in this damp vermiculite and place them in an incubator at 29˚C, in about 60 days they will hatch. Do not step over fallen logs where you cannot see what is on the other side, rather step on the obstacle. Coral Cobras make up for their small size with their attitude. CLICK HERE, To subscribe to The Ultimate Exotics free digital magazine CLICK HERE, Like Ultimate Exotics on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest information on the keeping and breeding of reptiles and other exotic pets! More damage is done by the shock than the actual bite. Cool clothing apparel such as t-shirts, jackets, vests and costumes are immensely popular among the young and old. On the warm side of the cage a temperature of around 30˚C should be maintained, with the other end of the enclosure being cooler. This will give you a good moisture level for incubation. Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sars-cov-2/. There are over 2 500 species of snakes found worldwide and around 138 found in Southern Africa. Antivenom is of value before the onset of paralysis but of no value once paralysis is established. Observations on the bite of the Mozambique spitting cobra (Naja mossambica mossambica). Get the latest research from NIH: https://www.nih.gov/coronavirus. Cobra Apparel. At the time of the pre-lay shed, you can place an egg laying container in the enclosure. Website Maintained and Hosted by Wild Heart Company, Coral Cobras/Cape Corals (Aspidelaps lubricus), Their enclosure must not be too wet and humid, and therefore you will need to ensure you have adequate ventilation, A place to hide must be provided, preferably two hides; one on either end of the enclosure. Epidemiology, clinical profile and management issues of cobra (Naja naja) bites in Sri Lanka: first authenticated case series. The T-shirts made by Mountain Men and Wellcoda definitely complete that task. CLICK HERE, Follow us on Instagram and keep up-to-date with everything going on at Ultimate Exotics Reptile Breeding Facility. If you do not know what snake it is try and memorize what it looks like. A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa, Johan Marais, Struik Publishers 2004, Subscribe to us on YouTube for endless educational videos on the care and breeding of reptiles! You can feed your Coral Cobra a small pinkie twice a week when they are growing and then as they get older you will only need to feed them once a week. Photo by Johan Marais. Cape Cobra. Hatchlings should be housed individually in small containers. Natrual geographic range of the Cape Coral Cobra, (Aspidelaps lubricous lubricous), Natrual geographic range of the Kunene Coral Cobra, Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi. Some of the Coral Cobras have the most striking colours; with their smooth shiny scales, bright orange to tangerine background colour and black bands this snake is very appealing. Check with your local authorities or parks’ board to find out if you can keep these snakes where you live and what permits are required, if any. If you are in a nature reserve you should never kill a snake. Photo by Rolf Dennison, Ultimate Exotics. We are all seeking for unique items to wear. A superfast unit converter converting Animals articles. An orange Cape Cobra. Both patients developed areflexic flaccid paralysis and required ventilation from 2 1/4 and 2 1/2 hours after the bite for 4 1/2 and 7 days respectively. If you are camping on your own it is a good idea to be familiar with the dangerous snakes of South Africa. Wild caught snakes can carry parasites and some do not adjust well to captivity, making them a difficult snake to keep. Article By Rolf Dennison, Ultimate Exotics. Aspidelaps lubricus lubricus from near Vanrhynsdorp, Western Cape. Captive bred animals are also often more attractive snakes, as breeders choose to breed specimens with good colouration. Get the latest public health information from CDC: https://www.coronavirus.gov. If the snake stays slithering on the ground it will likely move away and not strike. This site needs JavaScript to work properly. Antivenom for Neuromuscular Paralysis Resulting From Snake Envenoming. Two cases of proven bites by the Cape cobra (Naja nivea) are reported. NLM This can consist of a plastic container big enough for the female to be inside comfortably. Of these, about 35 are venomous and 13 are dangerous to humans. In its natural habitat these snakes will feed on small lizards, snakes, and rodents. Through the years breeders have been selecting Coral Cobras for their colouration and this has resulted in some beautiful animals with clean bands and brilliant colours. I leave them together for around two days and then separate them. They are moderately sized snakes that can grow to a length of 1.2 to 2.2 m (3.9 to 7.2 ft) in length. USA.gov. When camping or on hikes it is important to understand that the bush can be a dangerous place and you need to be aware of what animals are dangerous. There are two sub-species of the Coral Cobra: the Cape Coral Cobra (Aspidelaps lubricus lubricus) and the Kunene Coral Cobra (Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi). National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. When walking in the bush you need to be aware of your surroundings. Small meals can be offered every three weeks during cooling. In South Africa, bites from Coral Cobras have not resulted in life threatening symptoms. The most important advice if you are bitten by a snake is to remain calm. They are quick to start hissing and flicking around the cage, especially when they are young. The cool Cobra Jacket and Cobra Vest are a great accessory for any bike rider, and … However, Puff Adders are probably responsible for the most deaths in Africa as these are sluggish snakes that are disinclined to move out of the way when approached. This can be done by placing your heating pads or cables on a simple timer that you can get at your local hardware; you can set it to turn off for 12 hours during the night and on for 12 hours during the day. Some may also have an orange-yellow background colour with black specks fading into this colour. Their colours and patterning can vary greatly depending on the different subspecies. Besides the Coral Cobra’s striking tiger-like colours and patterns, this snake is fairly small and therefore easy to house and work with. Early treatment in identified Cape cobra bites should be the immediate application of an arterial tourniquet, followed by intravenous administration of 80-100 ml polyvalent antivenom if signs of neurotoxicity develop. When it comes to housing Coral Cobras there are a few factors we have to keep in mind: As mentioned, in the wild Coral Cobras will eat small vertebrates such as small lizards, snakes, and rodents. This specimen has been selected for its reduced black bands and bright orange colouring. I have always enjoyed keeping this species and would highly recommend it to anyone who is experienced enough with keeping reptiles and dealing with venomous snakes. Female Coral Cobras can lay 3 – 11 eggs per clutch and, if large enough, can have two clutches each year. Hatchlings can be very fast and jumpy so be careful when moving them as they can be just as dangerous as the adults. Start Again What is the weigh of an adult Caracal. Anaesthesia. Do not panic or rush as this speeds up your metabolism and spreads the poison faster. I also know of some South African breeders who have specimens with reduced bands, leaving black-like spots on a bright orange background. Whatever the case, do not get bitten: each person can have a different reaction to venom. 2017 Apr 19;9(4):143. doi: 10.3390/toxins9040143. Breeding these snakes is fairly straight forward; they can breed at the age of 2-3 years. Another important thing to remember is that Coral Cobras are indigenous to Southern Africa. Know that not many South African hospitals deal with snake bites regularly so inform them and ask them to phone the experts. Bites by the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) in Myanmar: successful treatment of severe neurotoxic envenoming. The Cape Cobra is the next most poisonous of the snakes in South Africa. There are an ever-growing number of breeders of Coral Cobras in South Africa, making captive bred specimens readily available for enthusiasts and other breeders to purchase. CLICK HERE. If the snake is only about a meter away, freeze at first and see the snakes reaction - it will likely look for an escape route. Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. Infertile eggs in the clutch may be consumed by the female. Kularatne SA, Budagoda BD, Gawarammana IB, Kularatne WK. Observe the snake. This will ensure that there is no chance of your snakes eating one another, which is rare but can happen.

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