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No matter how animals are killed for our consumption, someone will always find a way to think its “inhumane” so its just a personal choice. And talk he does. After reading through what seemed to start off as an educated essay about crustaceans, Wallace aims the reader to consider whether if it is rightfully accepted for humans to consume lobster. He needs an editor more than ever. If you're having technical issues, please call UAF eCampus's Support Technician, Brant Schalk at 907-451-4044 or email him after hours at bkschalk@alaska.edu. Being spoiled beyond comprehension has made Wallace sensitive about far too much. He just sort of left the reader with the information to make their own decision.

Though his conclusion was left relatively open for personal interpretation, the content of the article seemed to make his position in the argument very clear. However, just like the lobster or salmon, I will eat that day in and day out; just don’t make me feel guilty for actually causing the death of the animal. It was considered low class because it was so plentiful, David states. Towards the end of the article Wallace admits that he “believe animals are less morally important than human beings”. Wallace definitely has a sloppiness with facts (a lot of the scientific/technical/medical factoids in Infinite Jest, for instance, are half-right at best), but in an odd way, this is one of the things I find intoxicating about him as a writer. After reading this essay, I can’t say that he said anything that necessarily changed my mind.

Your email address will not be published. They are terrible. David states, “It is, at any rate, uncomfortable for me, and for just about everyone I know who enjoys a variety of foods and yet does not want to see herself as cruel or unfeeling.” I feel that he does not agree with the fact that the lobsters are cooked alive. One footnote I thought he could’ve added was number fifteen. I believe it to be inhumane. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The footnotes are there to provide more facts to consider when reading his essay. I believe Foster came to the conclusion that lobsters are similar to every other creature out there. There, the footnotes were mostly endnotes, so one had to keep two bookmarks going and continually interrupt the flow of the novel to read some 20-page excursus about the director’s [foreign: oeuvre]. It’s conflicting; to be stressing these animals out for our own need to research them. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Personally Foster Wallace didn’t change my mind at all, I feel like I have a decent grasp on where my food comes from and for now I’m okay with that. He has an inconsistency of quality that suggests someone trying to push himself to the limit. Just the other day I was sitting in a lecture on capturing and marking wildlife, and the biggest method is chasing animals around in a helicopter and capturing them by shooting them with a net gun. Infinite Jest apparently started out as a 1,500-page work, which eventually got chopped down to just over 1,000, according to David Lipsky’s biography. He describe the lobster fighting trying to escape its fate much like you or I would. Is he a philosopher or a novelist? I myself raise ducks for food and eggs and every time I have to slaughter one I cry. We should watch how we treat others in order to keep humanity human.

One thing I wish he would have addressed more was the exploitation of lobsters as a resource. The point of this article is to essentially persuade the audience to at least consider the lobsters level of pain and discomfort, as we would pre say a mammal. All rights reserved. The point of the footnotes being so long is more than likely due to the fact that the information he provided within them he felt as if had no place in the actually essay. Wallace points out that most people never realize how much the lobster suffers until they prepare it at home, where the “intimacy” of the ordeal is maximized as the lobster tries to escape the horrible boiling pot. Footnotes! ( Log Out /  Which as Wallace pretty much sums up as it overall being a conflicting issue that he pondered while attending Maine’s Lobster Festival. Personally Wallace did not state anything to make me think about the world all that differently. It would seem that what Mr. Wallace wants his readers to consider is the fact that we do not think deeply or articulately about most things. In the article, David states that lobster used too be considered low class food. If lobsters are killed before you cook them the taste of the meat is not near as good. The footnotes are not truly necessary to the document itself, but are tangents, opinions and interesting facts. In his footnotes, Wallace compares the boiling of a live lobster to that of debeaking and plucking of a live chicken or even cutting the pig off of a tail. ( Log Out /  To this reviewer, pp 66-127 of Consider the Lobster more than justifies the entry price. The reason for having a footnote in Wallaces essay is to, give the reader an opportunity if unclear about the sentences a better grasp to why and what is being said.

I like how he didn’t really come to one specific conclusion. If someone was to boil a human or another animal alive, it would be considered cruel and inhumane. So who knows, maybe we do feel powerful and rich to eat an animal the way that we do… and perhaps that feeling of powerfulness is what is unethical. He has definitely made me think twice about the way my food is prepared. I couldn’t cook a live lobster, to hear it trying to escape the kettle would just be difficult.

“Consider the Lobster” could be reduced from 300 pages to maybe 200 without a lot of substantive loss. Raised in the Midwest, the source of so much great American writing, his frame of reference is 24-hour TV, the dark gods of American consumerism and the baffling freak show called national politics. When Wallace applies the same formula to John McCain, in what became “Up, Simba!”, it essentially has one through-line with a lot of useless ornamentation. Infinite Jest was great, but it would have been even greater had it been half as long. Crowded spaces in which the animals are clearly stressed only to be slaughtered and turned into food. And it’s unclear what its point is: seems to be attacking a straw man. If you put a rabbit in a stew pot while it was still alive could you stand to live with yourself when it was screaming in agony? The range of intellectual fields from which he draws his references, and the wildly variable accuracy of those references, is part of the same phenomenon (as is his frantic, sentence-packing prose) — it all creates the impression of a person struggling to take it all it, to draw together all the diffuse threads that make up the world, to somehow account for everything all at once. Even in the physical sciences, everything from quantum mechanics to Information Theory has shown that an act of observation is itself part of the phenomenon observed and is analytically inseparable from it. He brings attention to the fact the these sea crustaceans feel every bit of being boiled alive, and that they don’t actually die until at least thirty seconds after being placed in the pot. He can explain things more clearly in the footnotes without disrupting the flow of the essay itself. The secret pleasure of reading David Foster Wallace is still, for a fortunate minority, just possible in Britain. - underwhelming. Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace Abacus £10.99, pp344. He obviously spent a lot of time investigating the science and history behind boiling lobsters. I believe his footnotes are so long because he had things he wanted to tell his readers but wasn’t exactly sure how to fit it in. This essay has made me think about how society has grown to accept it’s over consumption of highly decadent foods to the extreme. Buy Consider the Lobster at the Guardian bookshop. The point of his footnotes is to further emphasis his point on morals. This format leads him to place them in for our reading pleasure, while still holding us transfixed in his writing. What’s the point of his footnotes being so long? This is torture also but I feel the lobster should die as fast as possible to avoid toture. A more disciplined writer would find a way either to flow the content of the notes into the body of the text, or would just strike out those digressions that don’t add to the content of the work. The Language Hat article you link to is mistaken, mostly by indicting usage that is not in fact wrong. To Wallace, the prospect of listening to, and reading, most people's informal English is like using a Stradivarius to hammer nails. Change ). I think that David Foster wanted to inform people of the history of the lobster. The whole quantum setup ends up being embarrassing the way something pretentious is embarrassing when it’s also wrong. Part of our trouble with Wallace is that he is singularly American and exceptionally hard to define. I agree with Atigun above, that his conculsion was left open to the public interpreration as Atigun stated. Such ambition is likely to exceed the actual competence of any mortal writer, but damn if it isn’t fascinating to watch. Even though he gives the feel that he cannot seem to pass the confines of the mental box he has built, I personally got the feeling that he will be back to eating meat in no time at all. In Taiwan there is a dish called the Yin-Yang Fish where the fish is still alive after being deep fried and served still moving to customers, it seems that our ability to facilitate cruelty has no boundaries, who out of all of us could indeed consume that poor creature? ( Log Out /  That Wallace clearly disagrees with me here, and that this isn’t laziness but is entirely deliberate, is exactly the problem: Wallace believes that the digressions and the footnotes are absolutely crucial to the body of the work. As I don’t eat lobster I wasn’t aware of the extent of preparing such a dish. First published on Sun 11 Dec 2005 02.29 GMT, Consider the Lobsterby David Foster WallaceAbacus £10.99, pp344. ), Consider The Lobster was my introduction to Wallace, followed by A Supposedly Fun Thing… and, much later, by Infinite Jest. Many people are not ok with the killing of animals, but next thing you know they are eating chicken or pork, etc. A Supposedly Fun Thing has some neat thoughts about the role of television on fiction writing (I believe that was in “E Unibus Plurum” [sic]), has an obsessive little essay about David Lynch, and so forth. Wallace asks us to imagine the psychological and physical torment McCain underwent, and the sense of duty that must exist inside McCain to make that sacrifice for his brothers. I am not saying I am against animals being killed for food, because I am very much a carnivore.

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