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This ferret cage is one of the coolest looking cages in the game today. MidWest makes several different products in their Homes for Pets series, and this is one of the options that you’re looking at if you’re a ferret pet owner or owner-to-be. Some are even taller than the average person. Most ferret cages are multi-compartmental for this very reason. All Rights Reserved, Some cages will come with their own hammock, Everything You Need To Know About Ferret Care, The Only Guide to Learning Ferret Diet You Ever Need. It’s not the most sightly of cages, and it ends up being a very “bare bones” cage with no extras. There’s a simple routine that you can follow when cleaning the ferret cage. The different levels are connected with platforms, which is great for especially busy furbabies. Then, take some scented soap and clean out all the corners and bars of the cage. This is a great option if you’re keeping one ferret instead of two, or if you have an older ferret who has gotten used to taking things slower and won’t be jumping around between levels as much. There’s a slideable tray for easy cleaning up, and basic accessories like the water bottle and food tray are included when you buy the cage. The Living World Deluxe… I purchased my first ferret cage from Amazon, and it was a Ferret Nation cage. For the few hours that they are awake, they’re hyperactive and will want to use up the energy that they saved sleeping. Remember to add something to the flooring so that it’s not exposed wire – they didn’t seem to think too far about this aspect, and it presents possible danger for little ferret feet getting stuck in the base. You need to maintain the ferret cage about once per month, and you’ll need to clean out the litter box every day. It’s spacious, gives your ferret plenty of room to rest, play around, and go to the bathroom. It might seem unnecessary for some people to have a cage for their ferret.

When ferrets are this hyperactive and don’t have a playmate, they may prance around and trash the house or hurt your children (no joke). Ferrets are great fun, and they’re one of the best pets you can keep – but as any ferret owner will tell you, they can also be one of the busiest! View my Affiliate Disclosure page here. The Ferplast cage opens with two doors, but they’re best reinforced if you have a ferret who loves opening things (even if they haven’t discovered the ability to just yet).

Why a cage can help is because it gives the ferret a protected, closed-off environment to do what it does the most: sleeping.

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