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Nonlinear Dynamics (journal) - Wikipedia Nonlinear Dynamics. You’re seeing our new journal sites and we’d like your opinion, please ... April 2011: Creativity and Nonlinear Dynamics Guest Co-Editor: M. Jayne Fleener, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC . - You’re seeing our new journal sites and we’d like your opinion, please Journal home; Volumes and issues; Volume 100, issue 4; Search within journal. V. The journal examines such topics as perturbation and computational methods, symbolic manipulation, dynamic stability, local and global methods, bifurcations, chaos, and deterministic and random vibrations. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. send feedback, An International Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Engineering Systems, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in Broadband non-reciprocity with robust signal integrity in a triangle-shaped nonlinear 1D metamaterial, On experiments in harmonically excited cantilever plates with 1:2 internal resonance, Design and validation of a nonlinear vibration absorber to attenuate torsional oscillations of propulsion systems, Influence of bit design on the stability of a rotary drilling system, Nonlinear vibrations of truncated conical shells considering multiple internal resonances, Superharmonic resonance of the quasi-zero-stiffness vibration isolator and its effect on the isolation performance, Analysis of influence of nonlinearities and noise correlation time in a single-DOF energy-harvesting system via power balance description, Energy transmission by impact in a system of two discrete oscillators, Turbulent travel speeds in nonlinear vehicle dynamics, Investigation of chaotic instabilities in railway wheel squeal, Complex vibration analysis of railway vehicle with tread conicity variation, Nonlinear dynamics of a vehicle with a displacement-sensitive mono-tube shock absorber, Mem-models and state event location algorithm for a prototypical aerospace system, Identification of the stick and slip motion between contact surfaces using artificial neural networks, Monitoring of multi-bolt connection looseness using a novel vibro-acoustic method, Performance of non-smooth nonlinear energy sink with descending stiffness, A comparison of robustness and performance of linear and nonlinear Lanchester dampers, Parameter identification of systems with multiple disproportional local nonlinearities, Dynamic models of axially moving systems: A review, Wind-induced vibration of structural cables, Time-delayed feedback control of improved friction-induced model: application to moving belt of particle supply device, Low-complexity hypersonic flight control with asymmetric angle of attack constraint, An effective projection-based nonlinear adaptive control strategy for heavy vehicle suspension with hysteretic leaf spring, The mechanism of switching combination synchronization for three distinct nonautonomous systems under sinusoidal constraints, Finite-time adaptive fuzzy command filtered control for nonlinear systems with indifferentiable non-affine functions, A hidden mode observation approach to finite-time SOFC of Markovian switching systems with quantization, Adaptive backstepping optimal control of a fractional-order chaotic magnetic-field electromechanical transducer, Retraction Note to: Chattering-free variable structure controller design via fractional calculus approach and its application, High-efficiency nonlinear dynamic analysis for joint interfaces with Newton–Raphson iteration process, Application of variable- and distributed-order fractional operators to the dynamic analysis of nonlinear oscillators, Correction to: Optimization along families of periodic and quasiperiodic orbits in dynamical systems with delay, General high-order localized waves to the Bogoyavlenskii–Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation, High-order lumps, high-order breathers and hybrid solutions for an extended (3 + 1)-dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equation in fluid dynamics, On two new types of modified short pulse equation, Solitons and rogue waves of the quartic nonlinear Schrödinger equation by Riemann–Hilbert approach, Memristive magnetic coupling feedback induces wave-pattern transition, Complex aperiodic mixed mode oscillations induced by crisis and transient chaos in a nonlinear system with slow parametric excitation, Image encryption based on hyper-chaotic multi-attractors, A new discrete-space chaotic map based on the multiplication of integer numbers and its application in S-box design, Unkeyed hash function based on chaotic sponge construction and fixed-point arithmetic, Guaranteed cost nonlinear sampled-data control: applications to a class of chaotic systems, Dispersal-induced pattern-forming instabilities in host–parasitoid metapopulations, Positive solutions and pattern formation in a diffusive tritrophic system with Crowley–Martin functional response, Recurrence quantification analysis on a Kaldorian business cycle model, Global recurrence quantification analysis and its application in financial time series, The networked cooperative dynamics of adjusting signal strength based on information quantity, Parrondo’s paradox from classical to quantum: A review, Internal signal stochastic resonance of a two-component gene regulatory network under Lévy noise, Inverse stochastic resonance in Hodgkin–Huxley neural system driven by Gaussian and non-Gaussian colored noises, Hidden dynamics in a fractional-order memristive Hindmarsh–Rose model. Chemical reactions with nonlinear kinetic behavior can give rise to a remarkable set of spatiotemporal phenomena. - Our systems will continue to remind you of the original timelines but we intend to be highly flexible at this time. The role of topology on the response of a V-shaped resonator, Nonlinear mode coupling in a passively isolated mechanical system, Rapid non-resonant intermodal targeted energy transfer (IMTET) caused by vibro-impact nonlinearity, Dynamic analysis of piezoelectric energy harvester under combination parametric and internal resonance: a theoretical and experimental study, Ultra-low frequency energy harvesting using bi-stability and rotary-translational motion in a magnet-tethered oscillator, On generalized Coulomb–Amontons’ law in the context of rigid body dynamics, Dynamic analysis of the nonlinear energy sink with local and global potentials: geometrically nonlinear damping, Study on stability and bifurcation of electromagnet-track beam coupling system for EMS maglev vehicle, Analysis and design of a novel and compact X-structured vibration isolation mount (X-Mount) with wider quasi-zero-stiffness range, Finite-time prescribed performance control of MEMS gyroscopes, Nonlinear model predictive position control for a tail-actuated robotic fish, Adaptive neural network consensus tracking control for uncertain multi-agent systems with predefined accuracy, Singular-perturbed control for a novel SEA-actuated MBT autoloader subject to chassis oscillations, Adaptive type-2 neural fuzzy sliding mode control of a class of nonlinear systems, Nonlinear dynamics of the six-pole rotor-AMB system under two different control configurations, Command filtered robust control of nonlinear systems with full-state time-varying constraints and disturbances rejection, Networks of coupled time-delay digital tanlock loops: chimeras and other emergent spatiotemporal dynamics, Multiscale cumulative residual distribution entropy and its applications on heart rate time series, Electromagnetic radiation from memristor applied to basal ganglia helps in controlling absence seizures, Comment on “Study of mixed-mode oscillations in a nonlinear cardiovascular system” [Nonlinear Dyn, doi: 10.1007/s11071-020-05612-8], Paradoxical reduction and the bifurcations of neuronal bursting activity modulated by positive self-feedback, Synchronization and multistability in the coupled neurons with propagation and processing delays, Exact solutions with elastic interactions for the (2, Bifurcations and exact solutions of an asymptotic rotation-Camassa–Holm equation, Vortex soliton solutions of a (3 + 1)-dimensional Gross–Pitaevskii equation with partially nonlocal distributed coefficients under a linear potential, The dynamic behaviors between multi-soliton of the generalized, Chaos transition of the generalized fractional duffing oscillator with a generalized time delayed position feedback, A polynomial chaos expansion approach for nonlinear dynamic systems with interval uncertainty, Chimera states in ring–star network of Chua circuits, Conservative chaos in a simple oscillatory system with non-smooth nonlinearity, Measuring the criticality of a Hopf bifurcation, Relative orientation constraints in the nonlinear large displacement analysis: application to soft materials, Extended constraint enforcement formulations for finite-DOF systems based on Gauss’s principle of least constraint, Stochastic Preisach operator: definition within the design approach, Analytical study of the transition curves in the bi-linear Mathieu equation, Lissajous and halo orbits in the restricted three-body problem by normalization method, Invariant spectral foliations with applications to model order reduction and synthesis, Dynamic model of Malware propagation based on tripartite graph and spread influence.

send feedback, An International Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Engineering Systems, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in An International Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Engineering Systems. Search. Part of Springer Nature. Manuscripts in complex dynamical systems with nonlinearity and chaos … Search. 53 articles in this issue. Nonlinear Dynamics provides a forum for the rapid publication of original research in the field.

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