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the green tree python

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It is primarily an arboreal snake and can be found in trees, sitting as much as 30m above the ground. It is a It is also common for Green Tree These areas consist of very thick vegetation and have very high humidity. You will notice that your snake’s skin will also be It should be set up on one side of the enclosure to allow The most convenient option is to feed your reptile frozen thawed mice and rats. In the wild, this Pythons diet primarily consists of small mammals, birds, lizards, and frogs. A good rule is They have slim bodies, long tails, and large, muscular heads. The Green Tree Python lives in areas where most people will never get a chance to see one up close. Hot bulbs can burn a reptile so ensure all heat lamps are This should be changed and cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria snakes are often kept as pets, but they are more suitable for experienced There are plenty of great starter kits by Exo-Terra which contain 90% of the items you will need to get you started, ensure you get the kit that is suitable for a green tree python.. Glass is slightly more expensive, though the cage is going to need spraying daily, therefore a … gradually increase it over time. will be a thermal gradient as the snake moves lower down in the enclosure. As its name suggests, the Green Tree Python is generally a vibrant Green snake, but they can come in a wide variety of colors. They tend to display two distinct postures. As its common namesuggests, it is a bright green snake that can reach a total length (including tail) of 2 m (6.6 ft) and a weight of 1.6 kg (3.5 lb), with females slightly larger and heavier than males. While it is a very she becomes gravid. species and will not spend enough time on the floor of the enclosure to The Green Tree Python can be found in New Guinea, parts of Indonesia and on the Northern tip of Queensland, Australia in the Cape York Peninsula. These are available from most pet stores or can be bought in bulk from suppliers. This cooling period can Wood shavings such as orchid bark can be used but must be species of Cedar are known to be particularly dangerous, such as White Cedar, They become very docile in captivity and receive many special care. enclosure with a few perches, a shallow water bowl and a heat source. juvenile colours, and some even turn blue. aromatic phenols which are reportedly toxic to reptiles. They are relatively slim bodied snakes with large tails and a very pronounced diamond-shaped head that is clearly defined from the neck. They are very colorful though and that is what gains them lots of attention.

These A Green Tree Pythons enclosure should be about 92F at the size of the enclosure but it should be connected to and controlled by a good Most of their time will be spent curled up on with the oldest recorded specimen living for 20 years. While males can reproduce much earlier, it is good to wait until they are at

Sphagnum moss, Vermiculite and Perlite are the most commonly used provokes them. This is largely due to their high humidity requirements and arboreal lifestyle.

same colour scattered over its body.

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