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Period. Medieval MMORPG in a magical world.

New players start with one codex to set 5 skills to 100, as well as a new player dungeon/quest (provides full set of gear & weapon upon completion), new player champ, power hour cloak available to players under 30 days... Expansions AOS.ML.SE.SA.HS.TOL - Online Over 10 Years All Expansions using the latest Client. Join us! Most skills rescripted. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Anything you can pay for, you can earn... Running on a dedicated server. Ultima Online Private Servers. We are accurate with this ERA as we believe this was the highlight of UO we include features as follows : Bounty System, New BOD System, UOR PvP, NO NEON HUES, NO donations, Boat crafting system, and much more! Designed to be fun for single and multiplayer. Instead of a donation system we have a rewards system that encourages players to PvP or PvM to gain rewards other servers offer through, NEW POWERFUL Peer1 connection Professional Pre:UOR Mega Shard Bounty System/Pre Casting/Insta-Hit/Trapped Pouches Come join our exploding playerbase, Totally free Custom shard Dedicated server Enjoy customized facets, new dungeons, new craft capabilities, over 200 upgradable and craftable artifacts, over 80 custom quests and much more to discover 325 Stat Cap 1200 Skill Cap, 6 characters and 3 houses per account See Full Detail on UOT Website, Description: Neverlands Phoenix is a continuation of the great Neverlands We have many new and custom things for players to enjoy on our shard Currently we enjoy a dedicated fan base and we are hosted on a high end dedicated server Come join us, Dominaria is back to its old great self A legend restored 95 custom scripts - all ideas taken from the players Great community environment come see for yourself, A Custom shard with a classic feel,Hard skill gain,Focus on survival and community,Everything of use is craftable or harvestable,No skill cap,one character per player,Quests,rares,felucca ruleset,custom craftables,useful content for all skill levels,Nothing is given, everything is earned, AoS-Light Shard 700 skill / 225 stat caps No insurance/handouts OC-12 Connection Roleplaying Oriented Mature Players Staff Weekly Champ Spawns, Friendly playerbase staff Stats cap 375 NO skills cap Skills to 200 w/power scrolls Choose your own BOD rewards BODs for Carpentry, Bowcraft, Alchemy Taming Many new types of havestable ore/wood/leather Come play in our Sosaria, We are a Run UO ver 10 Shard Auto Account IS Active Many custom scripts, vet reward, all four maps fully spawned, Two custom maps, AOS enabled, custom scripts, 300 stat cap and 800 skill cap, UOGamers: Hybrid is the standard for Ultima Online free shards With an average playerbase online of 1000 users we are the largest free shard out there We are backed by The RunUO Team, Old fashioned 55i r/p crafters dream shard Good bunch of People Need Players. By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our. Uniquely different from any other shard.

It's a fairy tale land where resources are plentiful and gold is earned through work not killing. We are incredibly excited to announce our next major update, Ultima Online: New Legacy.

T2A era. Balanced economy and drop rates.

New graphics, maps, hundreds of new custom mobiles and items.

Balanced economy and drop rates. All skills 100 at start, Raise all skills to 140, Evolution... Free Russian Ultima Online Shard c 2004 1000 Static Quests, Dayly Tournaments Sphere 56b Client, First time in India, Dedicated Server. Online over 5 years! Frequent staff and player ran events. 1 Details. Balanced economy and drop rates. Felluca + Wastelands only. We use the latest OSI client up to TOL content.

Browser interface... ​A free private shard that is not pay to win! UOReborn is a shard based in the UOR ERA. 1 . For best experience while browsing servers on our top list, please Enable Javascript in your browser. 1600 skill cap, 375 stat cap, 5 characters max per account and 4 houses per account!
New graphics, maps, hundreds of new custom mobiles and items. Ultima Online shard since 2010, with Level system and Classes, Two opposing Alliances, Balanced economy with sufficiently large amount of custom content, Unique crafting and resource gathering systems, Two world projections - War [for fast paced PvP], … UO: Addiction is 100% free to play.

Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach.

UO Excelsior Shard Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Since 2006, friendly players great staff with professional approach. Period. UPS Dedicated server Buy nothing all available in game Accelerated skill gain Spawned for PvM except PvP on Felucca 325 Stat Cap 1200 Skill Cap 6 characters 3 houses Enhance Artifacts Over 50 quests in place Active team New quests and Items... No Skills Cap, Stats Cap 350. The Best Ultima Online Private Servers, database, download, fansites, guide, guild.

Visit the website for the rules and a list of server features. Online over 3 years! We’re an independent, no-donations &... UOR with custom housing Fast gain paragons and much more. Tons of fun! A New Shard for a New Legacy! Mercenarys! Balanced economy and drop rates.

… Arena-Top100 2020 | Tracking 4766 servers | Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. You are preparing the players and tactics for matches, looking for talents and taking care of the club account.

The content posted on our server list is responsibility of our users and is monitored and moderated by our administration. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Fel and Tram.

A Stygian Abyss era shard with active development, powerful dedicated servers, and regional routing to help improve game play for all. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items.

Details. iceyou.org.

Lass dich überraschen und verzaubern von UO-Satura V2. We Are Back! World of Dread is the Ultima Online Server of your dreams. 40 new houses.

Cap 700/225 +PS/SS. Ultima Online - Free servers, Guides, Guilds, emulators Ultima Online top 100 - Free servers, Guides, Guilds, emulators Time till toplist reset: 2 weeks, 1 day, 8 hours, 38 minutes from now

Servidor speed x3 Registrencen para pasar buenos momentos y recordar viejos tiempos. No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom... Patch to and have fun Welcome to your new home Read more about us our info site httpuoevhome.webs.cominfo-center.
UO Excelsior Shard. Regular Events,PvP/PvE login.ultimaonline.in,2593, PK SHARD | SPHERE | NEW | HUGE AMOUNT OF CUSTOMS | INSPIRED BY APK.

High skillstat caps, tons of new fully unique systems.

Kind and helpful Staff, 12 different races, a great and truly balanced no-skill cap and no-statcap.

Ultima Online Private Servers.

Thank you all for the continued support over the last 23 years and long live Britannia!

Tons of custom scripts, monsters and … Fel only, Ren Era, Progressive skill gain, Regless casting, The Top Ultima Online Private Server since 2012! On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. 40 new houses.

2 week to launch daY 1 7x skillball 2statball 1 ethy 1 small house deed on launch day. Uniquely different from any other shard. We offer PVM/and PVP with consent only. 9 custom races plus the 3 original Races!


Custom shard. Best UO Growing Server!

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