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world football league uniforms

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Three days later, Birmingham signed Oakland Raiders star quarterback Kenny Stabler to a contract for the 1976 season. In Week 3, the Bell welcomed almost 65,000 to a game against the Stars. .table_d2e39 { border: 1px solid;

The WFL Uniform Gallery. border-color: #000000; The World Football League was a short-lived American football league that played in 1974 and part of 1975.Although this pro grid circuit's proclaimed ambition was to bring American football onto a worldwide stage, the farthest the WFL reached was placing a team – the Hawaiians – in Honolulu, Hawaii.The league folded partway into its second season, in 1975. So dire were things in Detroit, their home game against the Portland Storm was moved to London, Ontario. The WFL, of course, was going up against the National Football League (NFL). Among the changes were the moving of the goal posts to the back of the end zone, moving kickoffs from the 40-yard line to the 30 to improve kick returns, returning missed field goals to the line of scrimmage except when inside the 20-yard line, moving the hash marks inward closer to the center of the field, and a 15-minute overtime period to help break ties. Among the initial group of WFL owners was Canadian multi-millionaire John Bassett who owned the Toronto Toros in the WHA. } By July, though, the teams were settled and ready to play. The ABA was in its sixth year while the WHA had just started its second when the WFL was announced. 3. The only exception to the Wednesday and Thursday games was granted to, On opening night, over 55,000 fans watched the. -->. ,

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