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antonio brown tampa bay bucs

20 de outubro de 2020 , por

I’d rather see how Brady can elevate Scotty Miller and Justin Watson’s game…Brown is a ticking time bomb…we have enough mouths to feed in our receiver room without have him in here whining about not getting the ball enough…, If the Bucs have Three Top receivers then a Defense would have to play more CBs so less in the box to stop the run, Maybe our problem last year is Teams gave the long pass up on Winston because the chance of him throwing an INT was high and they could crush the run which also allowed for more pressure on QB and more sacks, With Brady a team CANT do that because he will eat you up, Great run game will make a better passing game, Great Passing game will make a better run game, If Jameis swallows his ego, he’ll realize that staying in Tampa as a backup my be his best option…Take the pay cut, sit and learn from the goat…, Simple its called depth. DJax had Winston’s number, along with a host of others, including Koetter. Brown work together…somewhere else. It would be fun to watch. The Bucs are still a young team and this kind of distraction would only hurt the Buccaneers. “More on @TomBrady to @Buccaneers: I’m told @Chargers made a late and legitimate “charge” but TB12 felt TB offered a better chance to win. There have been reports floating around that it is unlikely the Bucs sign Brown. If you’re going nuts I recommend this highly. Adrnagy…you, July Joe, and Jameis1of1 should go set up your own blog. Brown, baby! “There’s too much miscommunication, too much … diva,” Arians explained, per NFL.com. But Brady is close with him. However – we also need a WR3. Adrnagy Says: Arians went on to explain that Brown was a hard-working receiver early in his career and competed with Emmanuel Sanders when they were teammates. If Brady wants him, get him, and stop whining about it.

If it’s Perriman I’m ok with that but Indont want to overpay for Perriman because he is not that great. That does not necessarily mean the receiver would be a good fit for the Bucs. If we can get Perriman back on the cheap, great. If he joins the team, Tampa Bay can be the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in its home stadium. ANTONIO is one GIANT STINKY TURD, you want that sitting right in the middle of your locker room?

I must have missed that drama. So until he signs, he won’t sign, if he ever signs. How could we be sitting around complaining at the fact that we trying to get AB wow!! Looks like a concerted effort by all the JW posters to get Brown, he ruins what is being built and then they can point to Jaymiss and tell all us real fans we told you so ! Brown took to Twitter to respond to Arians’ comments.

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