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Based on this review, as well as wBW’s review of the HJC IS-Max BT helmet, I bought both. Of note is the Kyocera’s handling of the pairing exercise. The units have never failed to sync up, usually in only a second or two after the finger is removed from the power button! By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. Battery life is almost exactly the 6 quoted hours with continuous A2DP streaming. With two iCombi Bluetooth Adapters (BTAs) on hand, I decided to exercise them first. The tones appear to be generated at the same audio level as the input setting, which I feel is the better way to do it vice the default ‘loud’ that other systems use. The Chatterbox XBi2 system is in the ‘reward’ classification, for many reasons. If the bi-adhesive mount is used, it gets applied directly to the back of the base plate. It should be noted that, for some reason (likely manufacturing issues) the XBi2-H does not fit the HJC Sy-Max III. The supplied speakers do not seem very efficient. HBC’s Reply:  Actually the Intercom setup and use was mentioned in the Part One Initial Configuration and then initiating it via the Intercom button is identified in Part Two, User Impressions, Rider to Rider. Part 2: Chatterbox XBi2 Review  |  Chatterbox XBi Review |  Chatterbox iCombi BT Adapters. Chatterbox has promised a 12V-power cable for the XBix series and I look forward to getting one (as long as the cord can function while the XBi is in use; the cord may just recharge the unit but not power it during use). I just had to pay S&H to/fro Chatterbox HQ in Cerritos, California. Given the rider-to-rider configuration needed during travel to the 2009 BMW MOA and RA rallies and the traversing of curvy mountain roads in between, the XBi2 systems and the iCombi BTA got the nod for use, along with two other systems. Would really like to see a comparison with the new Scala G4.”. BTW, your review has some possible issues with the adhesive mount. We’ve joined selected affiliate programs which will allow us to place advertisements for select motorcycle and motorcycle-related product retailers on the site. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The replaceable Lithium-Polymer battery is pre-installed. As an aside: kudos to Chatterbox customer service! The initial pairing was at the peer-to-peer level between the two systems.

Both kits include a BT module, a light metal clip bracket, a plastic base plate, an integrated headset and microphone assembly, an accessory bag with mounting pads for the speakers and microphone and three small screws, a bi-adhesive cutout and two plastic clips for mounting wire leads along the bottom edge of a helmet. Chatterbox is designed to give kids a practical learning environment where they can be creative while developing important life skills like empathy and logic.
Chatterbox: Residents share what makes them happy: Grandchildren, a good cigar, a ride on a motorcycle … Phone calls are crystal clear on both sides of the conversation – indeed, phone calls come out even clearer, with higher volume, than A2DP music does (see later). Best Value. For informational use only. Its LED will start to flash and then the module will power off. New CHATTERBOX XBI2-H Plus, HJC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Kit/System

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