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ELearnSecurity Recap: Online course available 24/7. Windows APIs related to files, registries, and reversing the same, A lot of practical examples & exercises to cover key concepts. The material is broken into chapters containing a series of modules delivered in the form of video lectures and PDF slideshows with other files such as tools attached where relevant. MAP provides a holistic approach to dissecting malware. Would like to thank @eLearnSecurity for creating such an awesome course.

OSCP is currently one of the more recognized certifications in the industry while eCPPTv2 is still gaining traction, although it’s definitely getting there — many of my contacts at different companies have either heard of their courses or have taken them individually or through a corporate subscription. The most exciting part for me was to learn the skills from, a world-renowned professional reverse engineer kyREcon.

It’s the one I’ll be taking next once I have the time. Below are some techniques that what worked best for me, The exam was fairly challenging. As a security professional, I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve my skillset and learn new techniques for attacking and defending networks, so I was excited to see what the course had to offer. eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Professional, eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester, Offensive Security Certified Professional, PSA: Don’t Store 2FA Codes in Password Managers, Tenda AC15 AC1900 Vulnerabilities Discovered and Exploited, Standards for Information Security Professionals, Bloomberg Alleges Powerful Hardware Backdoor in Supermicro Motherboards, Fundamentals of network security including reconnaissance, spoofing attacks, post-exploitation, and social engineering, Linux and Windows exploitation and privilege escalation, Basics of web application security including reconnaissance, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection. I also enjoy the MicroCorruption embedded security CTF, whose later levels cover those techniques in an embedded environment. This is the million dollar question: how does the eCPPTv2 compare to the OSCP?

I would highly recommend using the forums from elearnsecurity. Malware Analysis Professional (MAP) is an online, self-paced training course that teaches students the knowledge and skills necessary to dissect malicious software in order to understand its mechanics and purpose.
The other big difference between the two exams is that the eCPPTv2 exam emulates a realistic network requiring you to pivot and figure out how to get through restrictive firewalls both on ingress and egress, something OSCP doesn’t require. I found OSCP’s exam to be more challenging than eCPPTv2’s, though much of that was due to OSCP’s 24-hour time limit, which honestly strikes me as artificial difficulty. The only glaring exception is that the exploration of spoofing attacks includes usage of Cain and Abel, which is an ancient tool for performing ARP spoofing and password cracking that's been supplanted by more modern tools such as Responder, Ettercap, and Hashcat. Based on their past few courses, their quality and support has diminished greatly. The content new to me mostly consisted of the Ruby and PowerShell modules; I had a working knowledge of both but hadn't ever taken the time to really learn how to use them. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience for sure! I recently took the eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Professional (PTP) course and passed the associated eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester (eCPPTv2) exam. Forgot password? A Penetration tester will use the information collected during this phase to map the attack surface and increase his chances to breach the organization in the same way criminals do.

I was done with all the objectives in about 2.5 days, but I can see someone who wasn't as experienced as me taking another couple days to manage it. The only glaring exception is that the exploration of spoofing attacks includes usage of Cain and Abel, which is an ancient tool for performing ARP spoofing and password cracking that’s been supplanted by more modern tools such as Responder, Ettercap, and Hashcat. You’re expected not just to gain access to all the machines, but take good notes and produce a good quality report, including details like an executive summary and a breakdown of discovered issues. After you’re done, you have to write a “professional quality” report detailing your steps to reconnoiter and exploit each host along with all applicable security issues you’ve found (even ones that weren’t directly exploitable or that just made it easier for you to exploit other weaknesses). The easy answer is both—the two certifications differ enough in covered material and exam style that it makes them almost more complementary than competing. Sign up. However, knowing how to perform a buffer overflow attack in such an environment is kind of a requirement for more advanced techniques like bypassing ASLR with ROP, so it gets a pass from me on that front.1. Make sure to go over the entire theory in detail, before trying to attempt it. In other words, half of all federally insured credit unions had asset growth at or above 10.0 percent and half had asset growth of 10.0 percent or less. PTP is definitely a lot friendlier with its lab walkthroughs and more lenient exam structure and policy, and it's also a better emulation of a realistic pentest scenario than OSCP. One other major difference between the two in terms of the exam is eCPPT's explicit permission to use automated tools versus OSCP's ban on them. The material was mostly up-to-date and covered relatively recent versions of the software involved. For holders of existing certifications like the OSCP, the exam experience is certainly worth it but the material itself may not be worth the asking price.

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