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They will bait you in, grab your money and then tell you how it's gonna be going forward. Sucuri Security Review. Basic and PRO plans do not have a guaranteed SLA. Their idea of customer service is to extort more money from their clients before they will fix any problems.If you are like me and run a small business I strongly suggest you avoid this company like the plague otherwise, and I am sure, they will try the same extortion tactics on you too. I'm not an expert but I'm not either an amateur, … You can’t really bank on a name, and especially when it comes to something as important as your site’s security. So, Sucuri is probably a very good service, but my advise would be: do not perform a site check until you know the service is usefull for you. You can’t, and you will find some online security tools out there are all hype and created specifically for attracting links based on my experience. At times, it can feel a bit fluffy—although I’ve found less fluff than I would have expected. Installation and configuration are very simple and if it happens that you encounter any problem during these processes, Sucuri support always stands at your disposal.

True, Sucuri could consolidate its resources to make things easier for newbies, but no one is buying Sucuri’s platform for their blog—they’re buying it for the product itself.
It is a cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) that blocks hackers and prevents DDoS attacks. Actually, I think Sucuri does the best it can for what it is. It’s a bit high. They let $8000+ in annual fees go rather than refund $200 for something that was their fault. Enterprise packages can set custom intervals. A waste of time and money. They'll not even care and while you are talking to them they'll say okay good bye and they'll not reply at all. With all those features, does Sucuri manage to be usable to the less literate in cybersecurity? They do not protect your website, After Many Years Of Paying.. Failure When Needed. As always, let’s go for the bad news first. Luckily, Sucuri has resources dedicated to helping its customers…so keep reading!

: I bought it yesterday.
While I wouldn’t say that the speed/performance boost I got from Sucuri was incredible, it was noticeable. Database table set to the default value.

*We do not offer the option to automatically change the table prefix, but it will be available soon on a next release. With all that in mind, it’s hard not to see the appeal of Sucuri for web security. There’s well over 20,000 free plugins which anyone can install in WordPress. You pay for someone to monitor your site or at least cleanup any malware when the notification alerts come through. Now that we’ve covered their direct contact customer support, let’s talk about their on-site informational resources.

(***) Haven't had any issues after the SSL installation. Even the entry-level platform provides a ton of protection, though I do wonder if the price could be lowered somewhat. Not recommended. Sucuri’s main flaws aren’t ultimately going to be its downfall. They are not contesting the fishy 5 star reviews and demanding they be VERIFIED though. Malware Removal. Then got more Malware on the clean site I retrieved from backup. All tiers of the Firewall come with DDoS protection, load balancing, the web application firewall (of course), and of course SSL and PCI compliance via the Firewall. Company blogs can be useful, and Sucuri’s is not an exception. This web site checks other sites against black-lists and runs fast malware scans in real time.

Within 3 days the site was clean from malware and a firewall installed. Stay well away from this service. They will not serve the query correctly and skip your question (most of it).Moreover, if you use the chat box icon given on the website.

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