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why did treasure planet bomb

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The focus on moving the camera led to another innovation: designing 360 degree backgrounds, in contrast to the generally flat, partial backgrounds seen in previous Disney films.

First, Treasure Planet is not a comedy, let alone a self-aware one.

sings “A Pirate’s Life For Me.” They’re meant to be the same sort of joking references to contemporary culture that had filled Aladdin and Hercules. Thank you for keeping the discussion, and our community, civil and respectful. Officially, the film cost $140 million to make (actual costs are rumored to be considerably higher), with marketing costs bringing this up to $180 million (actual costs are again rumored to be considerably higher) making Treasure Planet not only the worst performing Disney animated film in years, but, as of this writing, the worst performing Disney animated film of all time, managing to lose more money, even adjusted for inflation, than previous box office flops The Black Cauldron and Sleeping Beauty—combined. It’s a testament to Stevenson’s creation that Long John Silver transitions so fluidly into this film: he’s the hands down best and most intriguing part of it, as he was in the original book, and not just because of his great line about an eyeball. The contract stipulated that after fulfilling their “Hercules” commitment, the two were guaranteed the right to make “Treasure Planet” or another project mutually agreed upon.

Doppler then meets Captain Amelia, who has to correct him on multiple items, something he resents. Dismissing the traditionally animated Lilo and Stitch as an outlier, Disney executives made a momentous decision: Going forward, the studio would—with one exception, to be discussed in a few more posts—stop creating traditional, hand drawn animation, the very art form that Disney animators had focused on since the creation of Mickey Mouse, the art form they had transfigured into full length animated films, the art form that they were still selling (in the form of hand drawn, hand inked and painted cels) in their theme parks, the art form that had, for all intents and purposes, launched their company. But as the box office results for the very successful Aladdin rolled in, Clements and Musker got impatient. With Katzenberg out of the way, the project accelerated with a script Clements and Musker wrote with Rob Edwards. Chairman of Walt Disney Pictures Jeffrey Katzenberg: No.

And Treasure Planet is unusual in another way: it’s one of only two Disney animated films not to have a romance for a protagonist old enough to have one. Despite the competition, Cook said, “there was plenty of business out there -- we just didn’t get it.”.

Jim is sent to work in the kitchen alongside John Silver (Brian Murry), a cook who also happens to be a cyborg. It opened at #4, with a disappointing five-day weekend gross of $16.5 million (its three day gross was $12.08 million). So with the backing of Vice Chairman Roy Disney himself -- and a special contract provision -- the duo finally co-wrote, directed and produced “Treasure Planet.”. Katzenberg was still unconvinced, but finally made a deal with them: if they did one more lighthearted, amusing film, they could have their pirates in space. 2. Clements and Musker, who are said to be devastated by the public’s rejection of their quixotic vision, declined to comment. John Silver is the main antagonist of Disney's 2002 animated feature film Treasure Planet. In the end, this would be Disney’s most expensive animated film to date. This isn’t just in contrast to the book, but is also in stark contrast to other Disney animated films, which usually feature sadness and crying whenever anyone dies, even when that character returns to life just moments later. Ron Clements and John Musker, taking a deep breath: Pirates! Watch this on Blu-Ray.

“Treasure Planet” -- which cost an estimated $180 million to make and market -- is expected to be the biggest money loser in the history of Disney animation.

One of the biggest concerns centered on lead character Jim Hawkins. Notably, it’s one of the few films to change aspect ratios midway through the film, an effect somewhat lost on the Netflix transfer. It had been one thing when the still unknown filmmakers had been assigned to The Great Mouse Detective instead of their dream film, and even The Little Mermaid. Oddly, those fake-out deaths end up having a larger emotional impact than the deaths here, largely because of the muted emotional reaction.

The idea for “Treasure Planet” dates back 17 years.

Receive notification by email when a new comment is added. If that’s not bad enough, the flop has fueled continuing concerns among some investors and analysts that Disney’s storied animation division has lost its once-infallible touch.

He’s also the centerpiece of the best relationship in the film, the father-son bond of sorts he develops with Jim, transformed in this film from an honorable, upright boy to a troubled boy still angry that his father abandoned him. He thought it was simply a bad idea to take a classic adventure tale of a young boy’s coming of age and place it in space.

Jeffrey Katzenberg: What about this “Great Mouse” thing you’ve been talking about? Endorsements.       1

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