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theta scorpii magnitude

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The area of sky represented in the image is 0.5x0.5 degrees (30x30 arcmins). Sargas formed from an interstellar medium of dust and gas. In addition to those near Sargas, these include the globular clusters Messier 4, Messier 80 and NGC 6144, the open clusters Messier 6 (the Butterfly Cluster), Messier 7 (the Ptolemy Cluster), NGC 6821 and NGC 6231 (the Northern Jewel Box Cluster), the diffuse nebula NGC 6357 (War and Peace Nebula), the emission nebula NGC 6334 (the Cat’s Paw Nebula), and the bipolar planetary nebula NGC 6302 (the Bug or Butterfly Nebula).

DSS2 image of Sargas.

With a surface temperature of 7,268 K, it shines with 1,834 solar luminosities. ... you would get an absolute magnitude of -2.96. It is an ancient constellation that pre-dated the Greeks, and it lies between Libra to the west and Sagittarius to the east.

The name is also Sumerian in origin and means “scorpion.” Today, the name Girtab is informally used for Kappa Scorpii, which lies a bit more to the north and is also part of the Scorpion’s tail. The Nine Planets has been online since 1994 and was one of the first multimedia websites that appeared on the World Wide Web.

Sargas, also designated as Theta Scorpii, is a binary star located in the zodiacal constellation of Scorpius. The table below summarizes the key facts about Sargas: Sargas is Sargas is a very fast spinner, with a projected rotational velocity of 125 km/s. It contains several notable stars and deep sky objects such as Antares, Shaula, the Butterfly Cluster, the Ptolemy Cluster, Cat’s Paw Nebula, the War and Peace nebula, and more. Theta Scorpii’s absolute magnitude is estimated to be at -2.71. https://theskylive.com/sky/stars/star-images/65/6553_800.jpg, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DLAMx3cXoAALfGM.jpg, https://theskylive.com/sky/stars/finder-charts/sargas-theta-scorpii-finder-chart.png?c=1586706592, https://www.constellationsofwords.com/images/stars/Sargas.JPG, https://images.techhive.com/images/article/2014/09/star-walk-2-ipad-100412204-large.jpg. is a variable bright giant star 0.6 – 1.6), Shaula (Lambda Sco A, mag. The star has an apparent magnitude of 1.87 and it has a companion of magnitude 5.36. The red arrow shows the motion of Sargas during the next. This constellation is easy to find since it is located near the center of the Milky Way. This premium worksheet bundle contains a printable fact file and 10 fun and engaging worksheets to challenge your students and help them learn about Sargas (θ Scorpii). The name Sargas (pronunciation: /ˈsɑːrɡæs/) may be derived from the Sumerian ŠAR.GAZ, denoting a weapon of the god Marduk, or from the Persian word for “arrowhead.”. Sargas is one of the 27 bright stars featured on the flag of Brazil. Due to its rotational speed, Theta Scorpii has gained an oblate shape, thus its equatorial radius is around 19% larger than its polar radius. Sargas has fairly long rotation, given its size, completing one rotation in 10 days or so. The radial velocity of the Theta Scorpii binary system is +1.4 km / +0.8 mi per second.

Alternatively, a line extended from Acrab, the top right star of the Fish Hook, through Antares, the brightest star in Scorpius, also points in the direction of Sargas. When it comes to its radius, things get even more impressive. 1.62), Sargas (Theta Sco A, mag. It will then become a red giant five times brighter than it is now, at which point the helium in its core will begin to fuse carbon and oxygen, setting the stage for it to become a massive white dwarf. It is the primary component of the Theta Scorpii binary star system. 2.89). The surface gravity on Theta Scorpii has been measured to be at around 2.4 cgs. Longitude: 0° 00’ 00” E It is about as bright as Regor in the constellation Vela, Kaus Australis in Sagittarius, Alkaid in Ursa Major, and Wezen in Canis Major, and it just outshines Avior in Carina, Menkalinan in Auriga, Atria in Triangulum Australe, and Alhena in Gemini. The name was approved by the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) Working Group on Star Names (WGSN) on August 21, 2016. It does not rise very high above the horizon for mid-northern observers. Sargas visual magnitude is 1.87, making it the 39th brightest star in the sky. The image below is a photograph of Sargas from the Digitized Sky Survey 2 (DSS2 - see Each star on the flag represents a Brazilian federative unit and Sargas symbolizes the state of Alagoas. Other Scorpius stars represented on the flag are Antares (Alpha Scorpii), Acrab (Beta Scorpii), Larawag (Epsilon Scorpii), Shaula (Lambda Scorpii), Iota Scorpii, Kappa Scorpii, and Mu Scorpii (Xamidimura and Pipirima). Theta Scorpii is the most southerly bright star in Scorpio, closely anchoring the southern curve of the scorpion’s tail. Sargas can be found using two bright asterisms in the vicinity: the Teapot, formed by the brightest stars of Sagittarius, and the Fish Hook, formed by the Scorpius stars Antares, Acrab, Dschubba, and Fang. Sargas is one of the southernmost bright stars in Scorpius, lying to the south of Shaula and Lesath, the stars that mark the tip of the Scorpion’s tail. Scorpius is best known for being home to the red supergiant Antares, the 15th brightest star in the sky, and for the Fish Hook asterism, formed by Antares with the fainter Acrab, Dschubba and Fang, that outlines the scorpion’s claws. Theta Scorpii has a fairly long rotation, given its size, completing one rotation in 10 days or so. Sargas – θ Scorpii (Theta Scorpii) Theta Scorpii is an evolved bright yellow giant star belonging to the spectral class F0 II. Sargas, NGC 6541, NGC 6496, NGC 6388 and NGC 6322, image: Wikisky.

2.39), Acrab (Beta Sco, mag.

The globular cluster NGC 6388 has a visual magnitude of 6.72 and lies 32,300 light years away and the open cluster NGC 6322 near the white subgiant Eta Scorpii has an apparent magnitude of 6.00 and lies at a distance of 3,247 light years. Sargas belongs to spectral class F1 and has a luminosity class of II corresponding to a bright giant star. Theta Scorpii is more massive than our Sun. It is the primary component of the Theta Scorpii binary star system. Some believe that Sargas will become a Cepheid variable very similar to Mekbuda.

Sargas, Theta Scorpii A (θ Sco A), is a white giant star located in the constellation Scorpius.

the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram. This constellation is situated in the Southern celestial hemisphere. Because the star’s poles are closer to the centre of mass, they are also hotter and more luminous than the equatorial region. Looking for fun activities to teach kids about Sargas (θ Scorpii)? Some sources state that Sargas is a variable star, while others believe that it will become a variable star of the Cepheid type, in around a million years. Some sources give the spectral type F0 II, indicating a bright giant. The ultimate fate of Theta Scorpii is to become a massive white dwarf. Sargas is situated in the south of the celestial equator, thus it is more visible from the southern hemisphere. Sargas is distant in the constellation of Because of its current state, it’s radius has expanded several times. Those living north of the latitude 47° N cannot see it at all. Scorpius constellation, image: Roberto Mura. With a combined apparent magnitude of 1.84, Theta Scorpii is the third brightest point of light in Scorpius, after Antares and Shaula. Celestial coordinates for the J2000 equinox as well as galactic coordinates of Sargas are provided in the following table: The simplified sky map below shows the position of Sargas in the sky: Location: Greenwich, United Kingdom [change] It lies in the third quadrant of the southern hemisphere and can be seen at latitudes between +40 and -90 degrees.

Sargas (Theta Scorpii) is a blue to white luminous giant star that can be located in the constellation of Scorpius. Sargas stands out in its constellation filled with bright blue-white stars of class B. Sargas is the most southerly bright star in the constellation, closely anchoring the southern curve of the celestial scorpion’s tail. 2.31), Kappa Sco (mag. Gravity pulled the swirling gas and dust together and resulted in the third brightest star of Scorpio, that we today now see. How to choose your telescope magnification? Sargas is also a fast spinner, having a rotational velocity of 125 km / 77.6 mi per second. Simplified finder chart for Sargas - θ Scorpii (theta Scorpii). Instead, when it comes to the end of its life cycle, it will expel its outer layers to form a planetary nebula and meet its end as a white dwarf. It marks the southern curve of the Scorpion’s tail.

The star has an apparent magnitude of 1.87 and it has a companion of magnitude 5.36.

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