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similarweb vs alexa

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SimilarWeb also tends to overestimate data. I’ll be comparing them both.

Website Ranks: Ranks are given for global comparison, country comparison and category comparison. A company that in its 8 years has rapidly grown, SimilarWeb gives Alexa a good run for its money when it comes to traffic data, web rankings and more. Similarweb vs Alexa. First of all, many tests don’t even cover them, because to get traffic numbers, you need to pay. 0. Rand Fishkin was complaining about the inaccuracies of Alexa all the way back in 2012, where not only are their numbers off, but sometimes their trends as well. So for the purpose of the site overview comparison, we have set the data range in SimilarWeb to the past 3 months. © Copyright IT Media Ltd - All Rights Reserved.

Alexa’s site comparison feature is a stand alone section, offering a set of metrics by which you can compare up to 10 websites. Alexa, one of the most well-known and commonly used competitive intelligence tools around the world, has been the go-to for most marketers, publishers and business executives for years. So which of the two tools would I choose?

Our team performed a small test, analyzing a number of our clients’ websites in both SimilarWeb and Google Analytics to compare the results. But what are those data sources?

The site comparison feature in SimilarWeb is not only a stand out for the range of insights you gain, but the bright colors and visual presentation of data make it just that little bit more fun to play around with. Traffic Per Country: percentages for the top 5 countries sending traffic to amazon.com. Adjustments for overestimation lead to a site dropping when it’s not, and it just becomes a mess. Even then, you may get viewers that block scripts and thus aren’t recorded.

Much of this data is from data sources that are shared between different tools. Alexa costing money to even see traffic numbers, especially when those traffic numbers are so often just so wrong, rubs me the wrong way. For most sites tested – and I’d guess for your site as well – they would give a number between 1 and 20 percent higher than the actual numbers you’ll see in Google analytics. Of course, all of this relies on the traffic estimator working well enough to provide you accurate information. ScreamingFrog’s test had SimilarWeb overestimating one site by a whopping 128%, more than double the actual traffic the site got. Be Aware! Since 2012, ITQlick.com helped more than 22,000 companies to find the right tools and software for their business needs! The user experience on Alexa is simple and clear, but SimilarWeb’s platform feels more intuitive, is more interactive and is presented in a very visual way making the data easier to understand as well as share with other key decision makers.

SimilarWeb price Starting from $199 per month , on a scale between 1 to 10 SimilarWeb is rated 2, which is much lower than the average cost of Marketing Analytics software. If you feel like you want more data, more benchmarking, or better results, pay for an account, but it’s not really necessary. Instead, what you need to do is run the same SimilarWeb check against your own site. SimilarWeb price Starting from $199 per month , on a scale between 1 to 10 SimilarWeb is rated 2, which is much lower than the average cost of Marketing Analytics software. Monthly Unique Visitors: only available on the Advanced Plan. Imagine running it on your competition and seeing that! Demographics: Alexa compares the demographics of each site’s visitors against the “internet average”, such as: gender, education, location, age, income, ethnicity and children. By taking a look at the Facebook pages of the competitors with the most likes and shares (amazon.com, ebay.com and walmart.com), bestbuy.com could probably find some inspiration for methods to encourage more user engagement with their Facebook page. How a Well-Managed Referral Program Can Fuel Your Growth Online, How to Build a Strong Partner Marketing Channel, Core Marketing Pillars for 2018 and Beyond, Competitive Intelligence Tools - Reviewed. If you want additional tools, like site audits, keyword research, and other stuff on this list, you’ll need either the $150 per month plan or the $300 per month plan, depending on how many sites and users you want to access it. ITQlick.com is the leading trusted resource for software buyers. gives Alexa a good run for its money when it comes to traffic data, web rankings and more. Alexa’s site overview offers a comprehensive collection of metrics by which we can analyze a domain. The referrals data is presented clearly and also includes the option to filter results by Website Category, or simply search for a domain to check its share in the referral traffic pie.

Go with SimilarWeb. Direct Measurement Learning Set: Hundreds of thousands of websites and apps directly connected to SimilarWeb that provide measurement sources.

However, further to this, you are not shown how much traffic (let alone if any traffic) is sent to your chosen domain from these domains. This list can be filtered by the type of search traffic, search channels and sources. If you’re looking at traffic numbers for a competitor on SimilarWeb, those numbers are almost guaranteed to be higher than what they actually are. This information is useful for finding the top sites that are currently sending traffic to yours or your competitor’s sites, allowing you to decide which external sites are the most relevant to build (or strengthen) business and marketing partnerships with. The list includes the domain, Global Rank of the domain and the page sending the most traffic from that domain to yours. Historical Traffic Trends & Traffic Metrics: including a comparison of the Alexa rank, reach and Pageviews of the chosen sites. What is Considered a High Ranking on Alexa.com? .Alexa list of features include the following: We are still working to collect the list of features of Alexa.

Alexa’s traffic data is collected from their Traffic Panel, sampling millions of users’ online behavior via one of over 25,000 browser extensions. Both Alexa and SimilarWeb are large, enterprise-grade companies offering a huge wealth of information.

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