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percentage of electric cars in the world

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Hopefully, these statistics can help encourage others to do the same. With their Model S and Model X thrown into the mix, Tesla accounted for more than 50% of the market share for total plug-in sales in the US in 2018. The government does not provide grants for buying electric cars, but at least it does not apply road tax to them. The numbers are not promising at the moment. The global stock of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) between 2005 and 2009 consisted exclusively of all-electric cars (BEV), totaling about 1,700 units in 2005, and almost 6,000 in 2009. The program ended on 31 March 2010. [1] The segment market share declined from 0.68% in 2014 to 0.59% in 2016, and recovered to 1.1% in 2017, but drop to 0.9% in 2019. Its total sales accounted for 27,595 units. The segment's market share achieved a record 14%, globally, second only to Norway. [90][208] The highest selling electric car in 2017 and 2018 was the BAIC EC-Series with 78,079 and 90,637 units sold respectively. [379] Plug-in hybrids have a smaller market share than ZEVs because they are not eligible for the same incentives. Tesla started delivery in Iceland on 28 February 2020 and was quickly the number 1 new electric car sold in Iceland. Sales of new battery electric vehicles (BEV) rose from 115 in 2015 to 1300 in 2018. This consisted of 23,620 all-electric and 22,330 plug-in hybrid cars. [291], An incentive scheme was approved in April 2016 including purchase subsidies, charging stations and another federal government fleet purchases, with a target of 400,000 electric vehicles. [255][256] As of December 2012[update], the nationwide network consisted of 165 fast chargers. Serbia has a network of over 30 charing stations (including 5 that are solar powered & 2 Tesla Super Chargers) with more planned for construction. As of 31 March 2020[update], there were 218,501 highway-legal light-duty plug-in electric vehicles registered in the Netherlands, consisting of 116,148 pure electric cars, 97,553 range-extended and plug-in hybrids, and 4,800 all-electric light utility vans. 2,939 of these cars were Tesla Model S and X. [430] The government is currently looking to utilize this resource to produce a major EV battery plant & Rio Tinto is helping locate a strategic partner for this venture. [367][368][369] [180], In March 2019, Renault released the Zoe in Brazil, and, in April 2019, Jac released the E40 as the cheapest electric car in Brazil, at R$129.990, Nissan announced the Leaf to be released in Brazil in the first half of 2019, There were 560 electric motorbikes and 520 electric cars officially registered in Bulgaria by the end of March 2018. [248][249] The subsidies were discontinued in 2016, due to ineffectiveness. Last year, it added 361,310 units to its fleet, bringing up the total to 1.1 million. You may unsubscribe at any time. [330][331] [229][230][231], The BMW i3 was introduced in Colombia in 2014. The Tesla Model 3 is the first electric car to surpass the 100,000 sales mark within a single year. For instance, a Nissan Leaf model might cost up to $4.50 a day on a full charge, whereas a Tesla vehicle could go up to $9. Growth-rates appear to have been heavily influenced by the Chinese market and were up 73% from 2017. The majority of the fleet (9,000) consists of used imports from Japan and the UK. Electric vehicle tax increased from 5% to 50% through the new government's Interim Budget. During 2019, 60,316 new passenger BEV were sold, representing 42.4% of the overall sales. [304], Sales of electric cars took off in Hong Kong with the Tesla Model S in 2014. As of September 2016[update], the scrappage bonus had been granted for more than 10,000 purchases. Unlike traditional automobiles, these do not need fuel to run, and as such, they don’t emit the harmful CO2 into the atmosphere. For instance, Tesla’s models are notoriously expensive to fix, and that’s why they’re among the most expensive vehicles to insure in their price range. However, both the offer and demand remained short, encouraging the government to eliminate all duties to electric vehicles. [21] The top selling model in 2015 was the Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV (389).[444]. [235] The top selling model was the Outlander P-HEV with 60 units. [1] The fleet of electric light commercial vehicles in use totaled 8,720 units in 2019. [277] The plug-in passenger car segment achieved a record market share of 1.98% of new car registrations in 2017. According to sites like the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers, EV market share in the US is pretty low overall. [citation needed], The stock of plug-in cars reached almost 6,000 plug-in as of 2015, consisting of 4,460 BEV cars and 1,490 PHEVs. The Irish Government (to January 2020) had stated an aim to ban the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid new (‘non-electric’) cars from 2030 (compared to the proposed EU ban by 2040, and the UK's proposed ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars from 2035 as announced in the first week of February 2020) though car dealers were reported in 2020 to consider the Irish Government's target for one million electric and plug-in hybrid cars to be in use by 2030, as far too ambitious, though Government grants of up to €10,000 also available (as of 2020)(The Irish Times, 7 February 2020). [447], No government incentives promote EVs. Part of the steps is simply adding more electric cars on the road and removing traditional cars. [437] New internal combustion engine vehicles face a surcharge based on engine capacity.

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